Would you change a tire without an impact wrench?

No? Then don't document a repair without Pencilwrench!

Pencilwrench is a point & click tool for quickly composing accurate and comprehensive text describing your repairs. Then just paste it into your DMS!

Time is money.

When it comes to operating today's automotive service departments, NOTHING is more critical than time.

Today's service directors need tools that eliminate unproductive time and increase throughput efficiency.

It's like an impact gun for composing your repair event descriptions. With Pencilwrench on your workbench PC, you'll immediately compose clear, concise, and properly spelled repair event descriptions in seconds.

When considering the sheer number of repair event descriptions necessary each day, for each vehicle, for each repair job, the TIME SAVINGS of Pencilwrench alone is enough to want it in your toolbox.

Produce Quality Customer Communications

Give your customers comprehensive, well-written invoices that provide transparency into the repair process

Reduce Mistakes

With Pencilwrench, it's much easier to create complete, error-free documentation for manufacturers

Increase Profitability

Use the calculator to determine how much billable time Pencilwrench can save and the resulting increased profit


How It Works

Three simple steps

  • Search for the failed component, maintenance or recall that was just performed
  • Point & click to describe the repair
  • Paste the composed text into your DMS repair order