Would you change a tire without an impact wrench?

No? Then don’t document a repair without Pencilwrench!

Pencilwrench is a point & click tool for quickly composing accurate and comprehensive text describing your repairs.
Take Control

Dealers are ten times more likely to get audited by the manufacturer than by the IRS. Experts say the number two reason for warranty debit is improper documentation of the Complaint, Cause and Correction.

With Pencilwrench on your workbench PC, you’ll immediately compose clear, concise and compliant event descriptions in seconds.

Technicians are compensated for fixing vehicles, not for their typing or grammar skills. However, almost every dime collected relies on solid documentation.

Stop filling your file cabinets with ticking time bombs, worrying if a surprise warranty audit or the next legal battle might take you out of the game!

Take total control of your customer invoicing and warranty claims documentation the easy way with Pencilwrench.

Produce Professional Communications

Give your customers comprehensive, well-written invoices that provide transparency into the repair process

Reduce Mistakes and Claims Entry Times

Pencilwrench makes it much easier to create complete, comprehensive, error-free documentation for customers and our manufacturers the first time

Mitigate Claims Debit Risk and Policy Expense

Pencilwrench’s OEM story formatting and hundreds of technician technical specification prompts ensures your team have what they need, when they need it

Increase Profitability and Throughput

Use the calculator to determine how much billable time Pencilwrench can save and the resulting increased profit

Why Pencilwrench?
How It Works
Three simple steps
  • Search for the failed component, maintenance or recall that was just performed

  • Choose the component

  • Point & click to describe the repair

See what Fixed Ops professionals are saying about Pencilwrench

Pencilwrench has made such a positive difference with our technicians, service advisors and our warranty administrator. One of our biggest hurdles was reading the technician comments and now with Pencilwrench everything is easy to read. The team at Pencilwrench is always a phone call or email away. They are very helpful and will listen to and implement suggestions to make things easier for the dealership.

Scott Maggio, Service Manager
Lynn Lehrman, Warranty Administrator

Pencilwrench truly has made such a difference with my technicians who utilize the program. I know if a technician uses Pencilwrench, 99% of the time, the claim is ready for immediate submission. Being able to get more claims in and approved in a timely fashion has been a great success for us.

Bree Bettencourt, Warranty Manager @ Diablo Subaru

Our Team uses Pencilwrench here at Star Ford Lincoln. This is an awesome product that enables Technicians, Warranty Administrators, and Service Consultants to be more productive. Pencilwrench stories are accurate, consistent, and grammatically correct which means Service Consultants aren’t retyping stories to make them presentable to clients. The point and click composition is not only super-fast, enabling additional billable hours, but it also has technician prompts throughout the software reminding technicians to document critical OEM warranty claim information.

Manny Arguello, Service Manager @ Star Ford Lincoln Glendale

The simplicity of Pencilwrench gives our technicians a clear path to writing a properly formatted story. The technical specification prompts for rotors, dot codes, etc. ensuring we capture all the critical data needed, saving time in the shop, and adding quality to our customer’s invoices.

Mark Perry, Service Director @ Rick Case Hyundai Davie

We always strive to put our customers first! We love Pencilwrench because it enables us to provide our customers with a clear, concise, properly spelled invoice which can be easily understood.

Bob Vella, Competition Group Service Administrator, Competition Auto Group

About Pencilwrench

Since 2013, Pencilwrench has helped technicians and service advisors write accurate, comprehensive repair event documentation in a matter of seconds. Pencilwrench is a software service that is built by technicians for technicians. Founded by Joe McCue, who has worked as a technician, service advisor, service director and general manager, and joined by many others with deep knowledge and experience in automotive service, Pencilwrench constantly strives to provide tools that help technicians do what they do best, fix automobiles.

Pencilwrench’s technology team is in Portland, Maine and has employees across the United States.