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Number of technicians  
Repair orders per day 5  
Lines per repair order 2  
Time saved per job line 2 minutes
Total time saved per day 5 hours
Effective labor rate (ELR) in $  
Work days per month 21.3  
Added labor revenue per month $ 8,520.00  
Annualized labor revenue $ 102,240.00  
Parts to Labor Ratio %
Annualized parts sales $ 81,792.00  
Labor Gross margin %
Parts Gross margin %
Annualized Gross Profit $ 114,508.80  
Monthly Gross Profit $ 9,542.40  

Increase Profitability

Use the calculator to determine how much billable time Pencilwrench can save and the resulting increased profit

Reduce Mistakes

With Pencilwrench, it's much easier to create complete, error-free documentation for manufacturers

Produce Quality Customer Communications

Give your customers comprehensive, well-written invoices that provide transparency into the repair process