Today's technician needs a new tool that will virtually eliminate unproductive time.

Stop wasting time typing away at a pc in order to properly document each and every repair event.

Document a 180 word repair event, in a matter of seconds, without ever having to touch the keyboard.

1. Pencilwrench CREATES VALUE for our customer with complete repair event descriptions including: verification of concerns, specific diagnostics, causal component identification, component pinpoint testing, component removal and replacement procedures and lastly the final verification of repairs.

2. The unique design of the tool, PREVENTS the technician from composing event stories which would NOT meet our manufacturer's warranty claims for credits.

3. In addition Pencilwrench designs the flow of composition so it makes perfect sense, is ACCURATE, CLEAR AND CONCISE.

4. Service Advisors close out invoices FASTER with more accuracy resulting in higher sales and overall customer satisfaction.

5. Warranty Administrators love Pencilwrench because no longer are they constantly chasing down technicians for story corrections.

6. Service Managers become MORE PRODUCTIVE without the need to use their valuable time to review, consult and coach technicians on manufacturer's correct stories.

7. Owners receive countless benefits including added technical time, more productive managers, quicker warranty payments, higher professionalism and value for services sold, resulting in higher billable hours, sales, gross and net profits.